Welcome to Adventures in Sustainability.

We are a family run business dedicated to promoting sustainable  living and reducing our carbon emissions. We can help you with a wide range of plants, courses, products and consultancy.  

My name is Michelle and I am the  proprietor of Adventures in Sustainability. My husband and our 4 children live on a 6 acre property at Lisarow, which is about 8km north of Gosford, NSW.  Adventures in Sustainability grew from a growing interest in living more sustainably that started with our first purchase of a water tank in 2004. We drew inspiration from the 1970s BBC comedy series The Good Life and promptly decided to dig up our front garden. 

Green Tree Frog in birds nest

What started as a very modest venture grew as we began to learn more about sustainability, permaculture and horticulture. Our interest in sustainability evolved from a hobby to a rewarding way of life.

Our objective is to create a business which actively promotes environmental responsibility, minimises its carbon footprint and limits its use of natural resources through a philosphy based on re-using, recylcing and reducing.  There is a big emphasis on providing a quality product or course through excellent customer service designed to contribute in a positive fashion to the local community.

We can offer plants, plant products, consultancy and education in sustainabillity via a wide range of courses at our property in Lisarow.  We are very passionate and enthusiastic about our environment and look forward to helping you with a range of products and services.  Please feel free to call Michelle to discuss what we have available. 


Our family

Our family

Our family

Our family

Our family

Our family


Max the mighty rooster


Sullivans with Randy and Max



Ben lending a hand